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Kendra H. Gilbert, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor and Employee Relations Consultant


Kendra Gilbert is owner of Beyond Today Counseling Center, LLC, a Licensed Professional Counselor with over fifteen years experience, and a Consultant to local business owners/managers who are seeking to improve communication and relations among their employees.  Kendra has worked with individuals, couples and families with a variety of treatment issues.  Those seeking treatment for personal goals of improved mental health and emotional well-being often find that there state of being isn’t isolated to their individual self.   Our emotional and social existence hinges on the quality of our relationships.  It is important for those in relationship whether as a family or co-workers to recognize each others inherent value and strengths.  Oftentimes our own selfish desires prohibit the connection that is necessary to establish the outcome that can only be accomplished through teamwork.   By giving yourself over to the idea that while relationships are never easy, but they are necessary for productivity and they enhance our life experiences.  Are you fed up and tired of feeling like your relationships are too difficult and challenging, or that your business could be more productive if your employees got along better?  If the answer is yes,  then you might benefit from my services.  Call or email me for a free phone consultation.

Phone: (678) 371-7357 ext. 5


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